Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
TON Surf wallet release

The platform developers presented to the community a complete version of a multifunctional wallet for working with cryptocurrency on the principle of “all in one” – Free TON Surf – https://ton.surf/main

In the huge work of launching a full-fledged wallet, ordinary users also participated, who shared their opinions in polls to improve the work of Surf. The developers urged to share even negative opinions, but asked to accompany them with arguments. This allowed them to improve the system and avoid a number of complaints about the finished product. The team wanted to do more than a regular wallet, so they actively used the opinions of ordinary users.

Previously, a beta version of the surf functioned on the network. During the revision of the wallet, changes were made to the functionality. In particular, connection problems were eliminated, as well as repeated notification of interrupted transactions, the network logo was added to the QR code. Also bugs in the security system were fixed and the work with keys was updated.

Optimization has also affected mobile wallet applications. Performance has been improved, interface bugs have been fixed.

Since May, continuous and painstaking work has been carried out. The beta has evolved as the process unfolds. Updates appeared 2 times a month. And at every stage of designing a communicator, the developers called for help in identifying problems.

By the way, the developers decided to reward the work of the beta testers, who worked with enthusiasm for four and a half months before the release of TON Surf from beta mode. Each confirmed participant – and there are more than a hundred of them – will receive 1000 TON crystal. If you are one of the testers, then look for yourself in the list: https://forum.freeton.org/t/ton-surf-testers-reward-for-the-beta-testing-period/3273

The colossal work led to a logical stage – the release of a full version of the wallet. In fact, the authors of the project sought the emergence of a comprehensive communicator for the Free TON blockchain. TON Surf acts as both a data browser and a crypto wallet. Another of its functions is a messenger for confidential communication and secure asset management.

The toolkit is designed to make the work in Surf as fast and efficient as possible. The wallet implements and combines two important functions: high manufacturability, on the one hand, and ergonomic structure, on the other. The priorities that the developers have implemented in the course of the project are absolute confidentiality, no intrusive advertising, zero probability of personal data leaks. Surf helps navigate the Free TON blockchain.

TON Surf as a mobile app is available in the App Store:


In the Google Play:


Surf wallet is an intuitive interface without unnecessary show-offs. It contains the essentials and nothing superfluous: personal token accounts, balances, transaction statistics and services available on the blockchain.

Transaction security is ensured by an advanced end-to-end encryption method based on an open source protocol. This provides the best protection available today. Privacy is guaranteed by encryption based on the private keys of the Free TON blockchain. No one, not even the platform developers themselves, can intercept the user’s private messages.

Therefore, surf chat is also maximally protected from unauthorized access: messages and tokens can be sent in chat directly without worrying about security. Security can be compared to the reliability of a bank, only without the need to provide personal information.

With TON Surf, it has become a reality to store all conversations, tokens, accounts and transactions in one place, in fact on one screen, without leaving the chat.

The personal cryptographic key used in the communicator, created using the TON blockchain, never leaves the device and is used to sign messages. The creators of TON Surf adhere to the principle of data sovereignty – no trackers or surveillance, collection of personal data and registration of actions. Biometric authentication is also available to ensure that you have personal access.

In the future, developers will continue to release updates and improve the functionality.

At the time of the release of the communicator from beta, there are already more than a million TON crystal on its active accounts.


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