Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
ViteX предлагает листить TON Crystal

ViteX is an open and cross-chain trading platform on Vite blockchain. This is a project of the Vite Labs team, implemented with the support of key partners and investors, including Loopring.

A Vite representative is offering Free TON a free listing of Crystal tokens on the ViteX trading platform. At the same time, a Vite Labs spokesperson says they hope to get some support from Free TON – “a few coins for testing and market-making” – and leaves a donation link.

You can read more about Vite Labs cross-chain trading platform on the Free TON forum.

Opinion. A partnership with Vite Labs can benefit Free TON. ViteX is a decentralized platform with high security of currencies and perfectly debugged models for sending, receiving and confirming transactions.


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