Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
DeVex, Free TON, Meetup

The participants returned to the subscription mechanism contest and discussed initiatives that can become universal for all contests, in particular with regard to their promotion.

Subscription contest proposal

Renat Skitsan talks about the need to indicate dates and rewards for the payment subscription mechanism contest.

Alex Novikov — the Auction system contest was restarted, since the previous time we failed to achieve positive results. He also added a new section to promote this contest for developers. Now we have special people in charge of the promotion. Alex hopes that such an initiative will become relevant to all contests.

Since different subgovernments are represented in the contest, the participants came to a fixed amount of 5% of the total award, which will be divided among the people responsible for the announcement of the contest — 5 in total. Later it was decided to add another 5% for more motivation. Each participant must clarify who invited him, after which 5% of his reward will go to the resource. In case the participant does not know the resource, the rewards will be distributed equally among all. If someone invites a lot of prize participants, they will get another 5% on top.

Rewards for the Payment Subscription Mechanism Contest

Initially Renat specified 50K crystals for first place, but later he increased it to 100K, as he considered the contest rather complicated. Alex suggested reducing the gap between the first and second place awards, as he finds it is too significant. Consolation prizes of 2k crystals have also been added for those participants who will take places between 6 and 10. Alex believes that it would be unfair to distribute an equal number of bonuses between contestants, since the difference in points may be very insignificant.

Contest dates

Everyone is interested in running the contest as quickly as possible. However, teams that want to participate in the auction implementation contest and the payment subscription mechanism contest at the same time will not be able to do so, therefore we need to think about both the participants and the jury members.

Alex recalls the advertising team that is responsible for the contest promotion. It is necessary to wait at least 3 days for them to prepare a landing page. It was decided that they would have one of their own, it is impossible to track cookies on the Free TON mainnet.

Alex also mentioned the difficulties with voting on transactions and applications. Renat believes that 24 hours (the default period) should be variable. Alex says that it currently takes 72 hours to implement a multisig. Mentions also the existence of a voting DeBot, which is very easy to use.

Boris wonders whether the multisig implemented for this particular purpose is a matter of convenience or security? For convenience, one can implement a proxy contract that will store the signatures and then, after a certain period, it will accumulate them and transfer to the multisig. This will provide the right amount of time to vote.

  • What About SMV?

It is preferable to use newer systems that will provide us with interface options.